Women On The Rise

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We live in a world where equality among women and men is a hard thing to come by. Now don’t get me wrong, a substantial number of countries in the world have a pretty good track record when it comes to gender equality. That being said, there are some parts of the world where women are in a really bad position. That’s where Women On The Rise come into play. We’re a womens rights advocates that focus on improving the equality between men and women in third world countries and the world in general. We do this through lectures, presentations, workshops and various other methods that aim to educate local populations on the importance of gender equality. Just this summer we’ve been very active in southern Europe, Split Croatia to be more precise. We were there because we participated in a seminar on the topic of gender equality between the ever increasing number of refugee communities that are flooding into Europe. It was a very educational experience for us, and everyone involved. We also had some fun by going on a few working dinners, I think that’s what they are called. There are a lot of interesting day trips from Split, let me tell you. Still we were very busy most of the there, and a lot of strategies on how best try to improve gender equality among the refugee communities have been worked out. This is the basic role of groups like Women On The Rise. We do our best to improve this tricky situation that’s slowing down the development immensely. Because whether or not you belove it or not, gender inequality can and is slowing down the progress of a country.

Finding the correct approach 

In all the years that we have spent trying to promote gender equality, we’ve discovered a few tricks that we think make the process much more easier. First step is to find the correct approach. Trying the same method in every situation will not work because different parts of the world are different. Each country, each culture has its own sets of values that require a different way to reach the people there. What we’re faced with most of the time though is tradition, and it’s difficult to fight with tradition. Key here is to focus on younger generations, and help shape a better future by changing their opinion. We’re not always successful and it’s always a struggle, but we try nonetheless.

How our group started

Women On The Rise was started by a group of friends in 2013. We’re womens rights advocates from Philadelphia, and we started Women On The Rise in an effort to bring to light issues of gender inequality that we are still very much so facing in this day and age. Many people in the western world have sort of become relaxed when it comes to gender issues. Even though the situation isn’t great, we’re still miles ahead of many other countries in the world. Our group was started with the goal of fixing this relaxed situation on these issues.

Launching our group was easy. There were three of us at the start of it all. There’s me, Christina Foster and my friends Julia Cosgrowe, and Diane Sweeton. The three of us met in college and have been very aware of the gender inequality issues that are still very much so troubling our society. Since our college years, which officially ended in 2005 we’ve been working in our respective fields. One day in 2013, we got to talking, there was this idea of giving back, and we decided to launch Women On The Rise.

How we operate

Our group has to have lot of creativity when finding ways to fix the issues of gender inequality in a particular country, region, you name it. As we’ve already mentioned, no place is the same which is why we need to have a different plan for each area that we plan to target and educate. That is why when we undertake a project we’ve come up with a three step process that we go through each time. In each of the steps we ask ourselves the same questions, and each time we end up with a different answer.

For example in one of our campaigns in Thailand, we used a local TV shop, a soap opera in order to popularize the idea that women should have a more equal role in the society. That method worked in Thailand because there was a developed TV broadcasting network, multiple networks actually, in place. Same kind of method can’t really work in remote villages in Nigeria where there’s practically no broadcasting at all, and even if there is, people there don’t exactly have TVs. So these are the three steps, three questions that we ask ourselves.

Determine the problem

First step is when we try and workout what exactly is the problem in a particular country, region, you name it. Gender inequality isn't the same everywhere. Someplace is worse, while other places aren't that bad. In each situation you need to know what you're dealing with and then start working on the correct solutions for the problems you've encountered on.

Find a solution

Next step is pretty obvious one. After you've identified the problem, you need to start working on a solution. As we've already mentioned, solutions that we develop are very diverse, and we rarely have the opportunity to recycle something that worked in one place on a completely different location. We don't mind, because we think that womens rights and gender equality are super important for society and want to make sure we see more of it.

Implementation, tracking progress

Isolating the problem and finding the solution is just half of the battle. What's left after that is the implementation of said solution. We do this with the help of local activist groups with which we work closely to implement our solutions. Another important aspect of our job is to track progress and monitor what kind of success our campaigns have had. If they don't we rethink our approach.

Lets work together for a better world

We need each other


Even though it might seem like we are working really hard on trying to bring about gender equality to the places that need it, we really can’t take all the credit. No man is an island, and most of the time Women On The Rise are just coordinators that are working with other charities focused on helping women get the rights that they deserve. That is why we don’t want to be the ones who are in the spotlight, but rather we would like to hear from other groups out there who would like to work on fixing gender inequality that’s a huge problem in most of the world.

We are always on the lookout for the new groups that are interested in cooperation. Contact us with confidence that you will be getting help from a group that has worked to help many women from around the world improve their position in society. Change doesn’t come easy, it doesn’t com overnight. That is why we work on slow and steady change of opinions. Something like that isn’t easy and it requires detailed planning, monitoring and follow through to make sure that everything is properly carried out as planned. Join us and help us.